Tim Laubach:

  • Director of American English Workshop
  • TEFL/TESOL certified and holds three degrees from American universities 
  • Native English speaker from the U.S. with a wide variety of teaching knowledge including grammar, phonics, IELTS prep, accent reduction, colloquialisms/slang (to sound like a native speaker), and business English 
  • Experience as a corporate English trainer and private tutor for learning centers
  • Previously worked as an international kindergarten teacher in HK

Mark Harris

  • Senior Native English Teacher at American English Workshop
  • BA in History and Philosophy from Lancaster University
  • Most Likable teacher award for 2014
  • TESOL certified and has 4 years of teaching experience with children

Farah Nail

  • Native British English Teacher from Tangiers
  • Holds BA in Public Relations and Media from Queen Margaret University
  • Teaches playgroups and home tutors for children and adults

Sara Gledhill
  • Holds BA Hons in Drama from University of the West of England

  • Young Performers Certificate for teaching drama.  Several years of drama experience.
  • Home tutors for children and adults throughout Hong Kong.

Heidi Kaiser
  • Holds BA Hons in Journalism from University of South Carolina Upstate

  • 3 years of teaching experience in many countries including South Korea, Thailand, and USA.
  • Teaches children and adults throughout Hong Kong.                                                                                                          

Rose Patterson
  • Holds BA Hons in Photographic Arts from University of Westminster

  • Native British English Teacher from North Yorkshire
  • Private tutoring and teach at a tutorial centre.