Hong Kong is a vibrant and international city. It is very multi-cultural and convenient.

You can have an English breakfast to start your day, A Turkish buffet for lunch, and Malaysian food for dinner if you wish.  You can even add a couple Starbucks coffee's throughout the day if that is your desire.


To travel around Hong Kong is easy, you can simply go everywhere by train (MTR), bus, minibus, tram and taxi.


Although the cost of living in Hong Kong is high compared to other cities, you can still find affordable places to live, shop and eat!
Click through the slides below to find out more about living in Hong Kong.


Hong Kong is a food paradise.
Local street food like fishballs, siu mai, and egg waffles are some foods you won't want to miss!


The biggest festival here is Chinese New Year but it is more than that! You will be amazed by how we celebrate Chung Yeung Festival and Mid-Autumn Festival.

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